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Get more done with email

We need to open up email to a larger set of HTML5, CSS3, and other programming languages so that our emails can be more engaging. That way we can provide a way readers take a desired actions from within the email itself. With the help of a WYSIWYG editor, everybody should be able to embed videos, gallerys, surveys, and more into their emails.Demo



Cloud Storage meet Email

It seems clear that this is where email is going, but nobody has been able to do it right. We need to completely abolish email attachment file size requirements and adopt a cloud storage solution that allows us to send what we want, when we want it. In addition, we need to create a place, separate from emails, where attachements to be previewed, categorized, and searched.


Simplify Search

Intelligent search that's natural

We shouldn't have to fill out 7 fields to find an email we're looking for. We should be able to fill out one field with a search term that has been written in natural language, much like Facebook's new Graph Search. Ex. "Emails from Dan with an attachment sent in the last week".


Email Analytics

Useful Reporting Features

Another advantage of creating emails that are more like webpages is that we can deliver detailed analytics about the messages that get sent. Not only could we gather useful information about deliverability, times opened, links clicked, and time others spent viewing an email, but we could also report statistics on your personal productivity with email such as, average response times, email traffic, inbox status, and more.


Live Contact Info

Always Up to Date

Email footers are ineffective because they're static and become outdated as soon as your contact information changes. Our contact information that we attach to our emails should be dynamic, and therefore, always up to date. If you change your phone number, it shouldn't just change your info for every message you'll send in the future, but it should change your info for every message you've ever sent as well.


Custom Experience

3rd Party Plugin Network

Not everybody uses email the same way and for the same reasons. We should be able to tailor our email experience to our unique needs and preferences with an extensive list of awesome, 3rd party plugins. Salesforce.com, Qualtrics, Google, and others could provide amazing plugins that would welp our email system integrate with their products that we already use.

"This is Brilliant! These things have needed to happen for a long time."

Zeb Lowe, Ameriprise Financial

"This could be a real game changer. I’m excited to see where this goes."

Annabelle, Utah Association of Realtors

"This is the first thing I’ve seen that may make me like email again."

Chris, chrisrandall.com

"Email is outdated. Day in and day out it’s one of the most frustrating parts of my job. I’m excited to see where this goes."

Travis Day, Qualtrics

"Email needs to be reinvented and Nick Randall is the kind of guy who can make it happen."

Travis Day, Qualtrics

Get Involved

This is going to be big.

I need your help to make this project a reality. Are you a skilled developer that would like to get involved? If yes, contact me. If not, thats ok, I can still use your feedback. I would love to get your opinions about this project and it moves forward. Are you interested in being an early beta tester? Which features listed above do you think you would use? Am I missing something? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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