UI version 1.0

I’ve been working on some mockups for this email system and here is the first iteration I have come up with. It’s not very good but I had to start somewhere. Let me know what you think. More mockups are coming soon!  

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The Evolution of Gmail (Visualization)


On April Fools Day 2004, Google launched Gmail, and it wasn’t long before email addresses usurped the kingdom of Hotmail. Google just posted a nice visualization of the service’s evolution from a humble beta to what it is today. They added chat, video chat, and file storage in 9 years! Where is the real innovation? Still […]

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Amazing Info-graphics about email


History of Email Is Email Dead? Has Email Changed? Email Isn’t Dead    

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10 interesting facts about email


Love it or hate it, there’s no debating just how much e-mail has changed the way we communicate. Since the 1990s, electronic mail has eclipsed snail mail and the fax to become the standard in the business world, and although social media sites are edging in on personal online messaging, e-mail still holds strong in […]

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41 Year History of Email


Whether you consider Morse code or telegrams to be the original electronic mail, sending text from one person to the next has certainly evolved. Take a look at how email officially clicked and has become a major part of our lives, consuming 28% of our workday. 1971: U.S. programmer Raymond Tomlinson allegedly sent “QWERTYUIOP” as […]

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